High Noon – Shootout with Neal Cobb – April 20, 2017

High Noon – Shootout with Neal Cobb

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Home is Nevada Video Series, 2014
Dick Stoddard & Neal Cobb hosts

Steven Saylor, Dayton Artist
Episode 2

Special guests Joynye and Steve Saylor will be here to answer questions.

The episode features renowned Dayton Artist, Steven Saylor at his studio. He discusses with Dick and Neal his artwork in his studio and the painting commissioned by the Comstock Foundation Nine Cheers for the Silver State for the Nevada Sesquicentennial celebration.

The Comstock Foundation for History and Culture sold prints from Saylor’s painting Nine Cheers for the Silver State to raise funds and to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Nevada’s statehood. The foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the restoration and promotion of the Comstock Historic District, a national landmark.

Saylor’s painting features current governor Brian Sandoval, the two U.S. Senators, and Rep. Mark Amodei, who represents the N. Nevada congressional district.

Saylor’s painting title came from a headline that appeared in the Gold Hill Daily News on Oct. 31, 1864. His work also features past governors Paul Laxalt, Bob List, Dick Bryan, and Bob Miller as well as former First Ladies Dawn Gibbons and Dema Guinn, in honor of the Guinn and Gibbons administrations.

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As always, Neal will answer questions after the program.