Chip Dig & Gambling Collectibles Show – 5/4/19

May 2019
4th, 10:00-4:00pm: Chip Dig & Gambling Collectibles Show

Are you interested and gaming and gambling memorabilia? Check out our Vendors tables to see or collect a memento from Nevada’s colorful gaming past.
An event not to miss!


Chip Dig & Collectibles Show, May 2018: Tokens of History 

Chip Dig article written by Guy Clifton, Oct 2015:  AGA CHIP DIG

Confirmed Vendors:

Robert McColum—Casino Chips, Casino Collectibles.

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General Information for Event:


Map on Right – Areas available to park for the Saturday event
Please find any open spaces available for this event around the Museum, next to and behind KNPB.

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