High Noon – Thurs., April 18th

High Noon: Shootout with Neal Cobb
Thursday, April 18, 2019

Video Series – Explore Nevada
Conservation of the Truckee River

Celebrate Earth Day with the Explore Nevada episode on the Conservation of the Truckee River with guest film-maker Gwen Clancy.

The Truckee River is 121 miles long flowing out of Lake Tahoe and into Pyramid Lake. It is an important waterway for humans, plants and animals alike. There are important irrigation canals that derive from the Truckee river, it attracts recreational activities such as kayaking, river rafting, and fly fishing. The habitats created within the waters and along its edges are home to hundreds of plant and animal species such as the re-introduced beaver, brown trout, mallards, deer and more. The Truckee River’s name is derived from a Paiute Chief who helped guide early immigrants across parts of the Great Basin to the Sierra’s. The Truckee river has been an important river for all Native American tribes in this area for thousands of years. It’s conservation is integral to all species.

Gwen Clancy and Neal Cobb will answer questions after the video!

As always, Neal will answer questions after the program.

Admission is $5 for adults; free for children 17 and younger and for Nevada Historical Society members. Attendees are encouraged to arrive early as seating is limited in our Events Space. For details, call 688-1190.