Young Chautauqua 5/11

Great Basin Young Chautauqua
Saturday, May 11th, 2:00-4:00 pm

Young Chautauqua Performers

Here is an opportunity to see these young performers practice their characters before their big performances in June.

Great Basin Young Chautauqua is an award-winning youth program with more than a hundred inspired satellite programs throughout Nevada and around the nation—Young Chautauqua has become a rite of passage for young people, ages 8-18, who share a love of history and exploring characters from the past. Now in its 27th year, Great Basin Young Chautauqua continues to impart a deeper appreciation of history to young scholars throughout northern Nevada.

Founded by Nevada Humanities in 1993, Great Basin Young Chautauqua (GBYC) is a nationally recognized and award-winning youth program in which young scholars research and portray historical figures. Through monologues and question-and-answer sessions, young scholars – in and out of character – engage their audience in lively discussions and provide insight into historical study. The GBYC program is a valuable way to increase a young person’s understanding of, and engagement with, the humanities. In 2002, Nevada Humanities received a Coming Up Taller Award from the President’s Commission on the Arts and Humanities for inventing and developing Young Chautauqua. Nevada Humanities celebrated the 20th anniversary of the GBYC program in 2012. The program continues to inspire and educate children in Nevada and beyond.