High Noon Thur., Oct 17

High Noon: Shootout with Neal Cobb
Thursday, October 17, 2019

This month we will Celebrate Nevada Day with the History of Assaying and Mining in the State.

Join us for an episode of Old Tales of Nevada with guest Paul Franklin who will discuss assaying and mining technologies of Nevada!

Paul Franklin has been an executive in the semiconductor industry for over 50 years. During his career he was instrumental in the start-up of five companies.Now retired, he still consults for young tech companies and venture capital. He is a frequent lecturer at Stanford and other Universities, historical societies, and museums.

His wide interests include new technology, studying and forecasting the future, and the history of mining in the West. He has published articles in professional journals, been a guest lecturer at OLLI and appeared on the television series
Old Tales of Nevada: Past and Present.

Paul is presently finishing his second book about a Comstock Mining attorney who met an untimely death at the end of a gun held by his mistress, who was formerly a boarding house manager in Virginia City during the early Comstock days.