December 2019
4th, 5:30-6:30 pm: Health and Wellness Series — “Countering the effects of aging naturally”, Lynell Garfield, Toxicologist and Wellness Scientist
No Writers’ Wednesday program for December
18th, 12-1 pm: Health and Wellness Series — “Personal health decisions and ripples around the globe”, Lynell Garfield  Toxicologist and Wellness Scientist
18th, 12-1 pm:High Noon – TBA
, Closed—Christmas Holiday

January 2020
Closed—New Years Day Holiday
8th, 12-1pm: Health and Wellness Series, Practical Applications, Lynell Garfield, Toxicologist and Wellness Scientist, hands-on activity option, bring $5.00 cash to make your own essential oil rollerball
8th, 5-6:30pm: Writer’s WednesdayReno Now and Then II, Neal Cobb & Jerry Fenwick
16th, 12-1:30 pm: High Noon with Neal CobbMovie: Buck Benny Rides Again, a film that deals with a fictitious ranch in Nevada, 82 minutes.
17th, 5-6:30pm: FREE Reception – A Retrospective: Nevada Behind the Lens Exhibition, light refreshments will be served

February 2020
8th, 10:30-11:30am: Lecture – Modern Heirloom – The Steps and Techniques for Documenting Your Oral History,” with Jessi Lemay, photographer and videographer extraordinaire. Learn the importance of telling your family’s stories, and how to document those stories with available tools.
12th, 5-6:30pm: Writer’s Wednesday –  A Bold Gamble in Lake Tahoe, Doresa Banning author
20th,  12-1:30pm: High Noon with Neal Cobb Women’s Suffrage, Old Tales of Nevada episode, Kathleen Noneman and Holly Van Valkenburgh filmed in 2013 for Nevada’s 100 years of Women’s Suffrage
27th, 10:30am-12:30 pm: New Docent Training Session – learn how to become a volunteer at the Nevada Historical Society. to learn the details

March 2020
11th, 5:30-6:30pm: Writers’ Wednesday—TBA
12-1:30pm: High Noon with Neal Cobb, Old Tales of Nevada episode, featuring Tholl Fencing – Postponed
5:30-6:30pm: American Gaming Archives Lecture, “Chip Art” with Howard Herz, Reception begins at 5:00pm – Postponed

April 2020
5:30-6:30pm: Writers’ Wednesday, 1957:The Diary of a Nevada Ranch Girl, author Jeanne Sharp Howerton, book signing, Reception begins at 5:00pm
10:30-11:30 am: History lecture, The New Deal in Nevada– Then and Now, Renée Kolvet
12-1:30pm: High Noon with Neal Cobb—TBA