NHS Nevada Trivia

During this time of social isolation, here are some fun Nevada trivia questions for history lovers!

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  1. What movie had two premieres’ in Nevada back in 1940? This movie was set in Nevada but filming mainly took place in California and parts of Nevada? Answer – Virginia City Movie. In our collection, we have the historic photo of several actors posing under the Reno Arch.
  2. Did you know that Harold Bell Wright’s novel The Winning of Barbara Worth from 1911 was made into a silent film 15 years later?  The movie was filmed in California’s Imperial Valley and in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada and the movie was released in 1926. The story is a saga of love, rivalries, greed and noble ideals. The movie describes the early days of the reclamation of the Imperial Valley of California from desert into farmland. The silent film starred Ronald Colman, Vilma Bánky and Gary Cooper. In our collection, we have a first edition of the book and several photos from the filming in our Governor Scrugham collection
    MSNC 331.