The Nevada Historical Society is very proud to celebrate our volunteers. April 2022 marks the 40th Anniversary of the Nevada Historical Society Docent Council. In honor of this accomplishment, staff have been reviewing the historic DC BEE newsletters and DC Scrapbooks to showcase what our volunteer organization has done over the years.

Did you know that April is National Volunteer Month? During this month we celebrate the impact volunteers have on our lives and encourage active volunteerism for future generations. Volunteers generously donate their time to help organizations accomplish their mission and day to day activities.

Docents at Reno’s 150 anniversary!

“We simply couldn’t operate without them. They have so much knowledge, so much enthusiasm about Nevada history, it’s inspiring to be around them.” Dr. Catherine Magee, NHS Director. (May 2017)

Slideshow, the Early Years





Celebration 40 years of the NHS Docent Council

What Are Volunteers?
Volunteers are like Ford
They have better ideas
Volunteers are like Coke
They are the real thing
Volunteers are like Pan Am
They make the going great
Volunteers are like Dial Soap
They care more, don’t you wish everyone did?
Volunteers are like VO-5 Hair Spray
They hold up in all kinds of weather
Volunteers are like Hallmark cards
They care enough to give the very best
Volunteers are like Standard Oil
You expect more, and you get it
But most of all…
Volunteers are like Frosted Flakes
They’re grrrreaaaatttt!!!!
Thanks to all current and future volunteers.
(Nov. 2, 1994 DC BEE)

Pearls from the President
The Docent Council Is a Living Thing
The Docent Council is the body
The Membership its brains
The Vice President its eyes
The Historian its memory
The Board its reflexes
The Committee Chairmen and their
helpers its nervous system
The President its tongue
The Secretary its circulating system
The Treasurer its heart
The Editors its arms
The NHS staff its backbone.
(Freely adapted from Gems of the
Foothills via Pomona Rockhounds)
(April 4, 1994 DC BEE)

Each year the docent council recognizes those members that have contributed to the NHS in special ways, either through length of time served or through particular programs and projects at the Marjorie Fordham Luncheon every April. This event was initiated several years ago as a sort of memorial to a highly dedicated Docent Council member, MARJORIE FORDHAM, who died in 1988, at the age of 76.

Those members who were fortunate enough to know MARJORIE remember her as a generous, kind, quiet person. Her small stature belied the total control which she wielded over even large groups of children. They were spellbound by her considerable knowledge and skill in helping them learn about Nevada history. MARJORIE joined the Docent Council in 1984, and before her training class was completed, she had participated in 12 tours! From then until she died, MARJORIE gave another 213 tours, or more than 5 every month! In addition to tours, she helped with training, went on outreach programs, helped schedule the tours and docents, and regularly helped with bulk mailings.

John Gomes leading gallery tour!