NHS Artown Lectures 2021 – Zoom Lectures are now available!

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Artown History Lectures – July 2021

The Humboldt: A River by Any Other Name, the naming of Humboldt River

In 1845, John C. Fremont christened this river the Humboldt River in honor of the acclaimed naturalist, Alexander von Humboldt. But, did you ever wonder what this river may have been called previous to that? What did the first trappers and explorers of the Great Basin call this river? In this presentation, you will hear a few stories about those trappers and explorers, the names they gave to the river, and even a little controversy surrounding the Humboldt.

The Psychedelic, Sex and Blue Jean Machine: Northern Nevada’s contributions to popular culture

Northern Nevada was the birthplace and inspiration for many inventions that influence our lives. Global pop culture owes much to Nevada’s innovative spirit including blue jeans and the San Francisco sound of the 1960s. Catherine Magee, Director of the Nevada Historical Society, will take you on a trip to explore some intriguing aspects of Nevada’s history.

Early Settlers in Northern Nevada

Nevada was once part of the Utah Territory, an incorporated territory that existed from 1850 to 1896. Learn how Congress separated the territory into individual states during that time. Hear about Kit Carson and John Fremont, the Gadsden Purchase, and the Mormon trading posts in the Carson Valley. Photos and stories describe events and life in the towns of Genoa, Dayton, Carson City and Virginia City during the decade of the 1850s.

Firsts and Lasts in Nevada, the Notorious – to be uploaded soon!

Hear stories about some of Nevada’s bad men and women and their outcomes — things like the first train robbery, first woman hung in Nevada, last vigilante hanging in Nevada and the firsts and lasts of an episode in Jarbidge, Nevada, are some of the stories you will hear.

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