Nevada Historical Society Quarterly

Nevada’s oldest academic publication was first published in 1957.

The Nevada Historical Society Quarterly solicits contributions of scholarly or popular interest dealing with the following subjects: the general (e.g., the political, social, economic, constitutional) or the natural history of Nevada and the Great Basin; the literature, languages, anthropology, and archaeology of these area; reprints of historic documents; reviews and essays concerning the historical literature of Nevada, the Great Basin, and the West.

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The Quarterly is seeking new content for the publication, Articles, Notes and Documents and Book Reviews.

We are seeking content from a range of subjects including but not limited to: Geography Geology, History Anthropology, Ethnic Studies, Agriculture, etc.

We must inform authors that it can take up to two years from the time of final acceptance for an article to come out in print. We do our best to publish articles as soon as we can in the order in which they are accepted.

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Editor-in-Chief/Managing Editor
Bill Rowley PhD.,

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Michelle Follette Turk PhD.,

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Emerson Marcus M.A.,

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Diana L. Ahmad PhD.,


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Catherine Magee PhD.,

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Museum Director
Catherine Magee PhD.,

Editorial Board

Dr. Earnest N. Bracey
College of Southern Nevada

Dr. Joanne Goodwin
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Dr. Elizabeth Raymond
University of Nevada, Reno

Geoff Schumacher
Independent Scholar

Dr. Carolyn White
University of Nevada, Reno