NHS High Noon fall schedule 2022

NHS is excited to promote High Noon: Shootout with Neal Cobb speakers for fall 2022. Guy Clifton, Dana Toth, Frank X. Mullen, Jr. and Karen Burns will talk about engaging history topics that will fascinate historians of all ages. Don’t forget High Noon is the third Thursday of each month.

NHS continues to partner with the Washoe County Library System to make this series available as a virtual program. For more information about the topics and speakers, check out our events calendar.

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Jack Dempsey with Graham and Mckay

Jack Dempsey with Graham and Mckay

September 15, 2022

Guy Clifton
Dempsey in Nevada

Program summary:
Jack Dempsey left footprints all over Nevada. From the rough-and-tumble mining camps of Tonopah, Goldfield and Ely to a whore house in Wells to the mansion district of Reno and the luxury resorts of Las Vegas, Dempsey’s life story from hobo kid to heavyweight boxing champion to beloved American icon can be told in his forays through the Silver State in the first three-quarters of the 20th Century.



Humboldt Museum

Humboldt Museum

October 20, 2022
Dana Toth, Executive Director Humboldt Museum
Promoting the Significance of North Central Nevada History Within a Museum and a Community

Program Summary:
Promoting the Significance of North Central Nevada History Within a Museum and a Community with Dana Toth, Executive Director of Humboldt Museum in Winnemucca, Nevada. She will discuss history, community, and the efforts to unite the two in Winnemucca, Nevada.



Fake News DeQuille

Fake News DeQuille

November 17, 2022
Frank X. Mullen Jr.
Vintage Fake News: Twain, DeQuille, hoaxes and tall tales in Comstock newspapers

Program Summary:
In the early days of Virginia City, newspaper columns offered both real news and tall tales. It was often hard to tell the difference. Sometimes readers could see through the hoaxes, but in many cases fictional reports were not only believed but picked up by other publications throughout the nation and the world. Mark Twain and Dan De Quille – along with other journalists in the West — were the authors of a lot of that fake news. De Quille’s tales included accounts of a man fossilized in silver ore, rocks that moved under their own power and a suit of “solar armor” used for crossing Death Valley.


HHH Karen with costumes

HHH Karen with costume

December 15, 2022
Karen Burns
Backstage Pass: Behind the Scenes & Seams, When Hollywood Came to Reno!

Program Summary:
When the world-famous MGM Hello Hollywood, Hello! show opened in 1978: it was billed as The Biggest Show in the World, on The Biggest Stage in the World appearing in The Biggest Little City in the World, Reno, Nevada – it was a BIG deal! Plus, the show paid tribute to two of the biggest names in entertainment history: MGM Movie Studios and producer Florenz Ziegfeld, who is sometimes billed as the “man who invented modern day show business”.