NHS This was Nevada Series

This was Nevada series was created by NHS staff beginning in 1975. The series was very popular and was carried in several local newspapers in the state. The subject matter related to Nevada subjects ranging from people, places and things.  Early authors to the series began with NHS Director, John Townley, History Curator Phil Earl, Manuscripts Curator Guy Rocha and an occasional guest writer or two wrote the articles. By late 1981, Phil Earl took over the series completely until his retirement in 1999.

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Clara Dunham Crowell

Clara Dunham Crowell – Nevada’s First Woman Sheriff

Although the involvement of women in law enforcement is becoming increasingly common today, this was not the case a half-century ago when Clara Dunham Crowell became Sheriff of Lander County, the first woman in the state to hold such a position. The daughter of a pioneer Austin family, she was educated in the local schools and worked as a waitress before marrying George D. Crowell, a rancher who later ran a stage-line before being elected Sheriff.

Clara Dunham Crowell_Nevada’s First Woman Sheriff

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Dan DeQuille – The Stones of Paharanagat

We take up the story of Dan DeQuille the venerable scribe of the Territorial Enterprise, and his tale of the Traveling Stones of Pahranagat.
The original story appeared in the Enterprise on October 26, 1867, as a filler when homicide took a holiday, no new strikes were reported from the mines and the stock market was static. The scene was remote Pahranagat Valley in southern Nevada.
According to DeQuille, a prospector had found a large number of heavy stones which possessed some rather peculiar characteristics. When scattered about on a floor or level surface, they immediately began moving toward a common center and would huddle together like a covey of quail.

Dan DeQuille – The Traveling Stones of Pahranagat



Christmas in Candelaria

In the mining camp of Candelaria, now erased from the face of the earth by a modern mining operation, the Christmas holidays were eagerly anticipated in 1880. The town was a mere four years of age at that time but was prosperous and booming with some 250 men employed in the mines.

Christmas in Candelaria


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