When Hollywood Came to Reno

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MGM Hello Hollywood, Hello! A Tribute to the Magic World of Movies

Hello Hollywood Hello was more than a casino show. Opening in 1978 and running for over a decade, the bombastic show had it all: talented performers in elaborate costumes designed by world-famous designers, centered around the most celebrated movies in our lifetime.

The Nevada Historical Society, working with costume owner Karen Burns of Karen Burns Productions, Inc. and the Nevada State Museum in Las Vegas, has created an exhibit that illustrates the beauty and impact of Hello Hollywood Hello in photos, artifacts, costumes, and props.

The influence of the show is felt today in Reno. If you are a fan of the performing arts, like Artown, Pioneer Center, the Reno Philharmonic, Jazz, and Chamber Orchestras, deepen that love with this exhibit that tells the story of how it all began with this dazzling and glitzy casino show.

Don’t miss seeing rarely seen costumes from the original show! The exhibition will open on Saturday, September 30, 2023. A reception is Saturday, October 7, 2023 from 1-3:30pm. The exhibit will be on display until January 27, 2024.

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