Walton, Richard Guy

MSNC732 Richard Guy Walton Collection

NHS would like to thank Anthony Shafton for being inspired to learn about Richard Guy Walton and cataloging his collection.

MSNC 732 Richard Guy Walton Collection
MSNC732 RGW Selected Tape Transcripts

A new book on the art and writings of Richard Guy Walton called A Nevada Life by Anthony Shafton. The book will be available, April 2021.

A Nevada Life, Index
A Nevada Life, Notes

Book Summary
Richard Guy Walton (1914–2005) is the ‘Grand Old Man’ of abstract art in Nevada. Less well known is that this gifted painter was also a prolific author. In telling his colorful life story and exploring his creative output, A Nevada Life illuminates Nevada’s twentieth century cultural history, with themes touching the state’s Basque heritage, connections with Hollywood, and much more.

Author Biography
Anthony Shafton was born in Chicago, did his undergraduate work at Harvard and has a Master’s degree from Stanford’s Creative Writing program. A Nevada Life is his fifth nonfiction book, on such diverse topics as human evolution, dream psychology, and African American culture. His last book was The Nevada They Knew: Robert Caples and Walter Van Tilburg Clark, where Walton makes a cameo appearance. Shafton has also published a novel. In 2012 he moved permanently to Nevada, the place he has regarded as the center of his world for over half a century.